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Like many of you, I was born in Brazos County.  I am the 12th child of David and Ann Konderla.  We grew up in Bryan, were very active in our church, and my mother and father worked hard to provide for our large family.  We were and are very close.  Dad sold insurance, and mom was a nurse for decades at St. Joseph’s Hospital.


We were taught to earn our way and the value of hard work. As a young man, the values impressed upon me by my parents’ served me well. I attained the rank of Eagle Scout. Bought my first car. And, paid my own way through Texas A&M University.

It was at Texas A&M, I learned and refined the art of balance and multi-tasking. I worked full time and went to school full time earning a degree in Agricultural Economics. 

Upon graduation, I cut my teeth in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries as a sales representative and learned the importance of actively listening to the needs of others. A skill that prepared me for the business world.


In 1997, I started my own business, while still working full-time in the biomedical field. Operating your own business is a truly rewarding experience. Over the years, this little business venture continued to grow and prosper receiving recognition with the prestigious Newman 10 Award on three separate occasions. We recently celebrated 24 years in business this year.

In 2009 I was called to serve and I was appointed to the City of Bryan Planning and Zoning Commission. It was here that I discovered a deeper desire to help shape our community. I ran and was elected to serve on the City Council which I did for 5 years. 


It was a big honor for me, after the death of Commissioner Catalena, to be appointed by County Judge Peters to represent Precinct 2 as Commissioner until the General Election. I was asked to fill the boots of a beloved man with a staff in mourning, an unfolding pandemic, a community fearful, a pressing budget cycle, a major university transitioning to an online learning format, and a county facing an unknown future. It was tough. It was stressful. But, I was honored to do it. And, I saw it through. 


None of this would have been possible without my faith in the Lord, Our God, and the love and support of my wife of 25 years, Lori Konderla.  She is the by far most impressive person I know.  She stands with me through everything. Together we are blessed with seven of the most beautiful souls God ever created. 


I have a passion for our community and a passion for serving others. I am ready to serve as your next County Commissioner for Brazos County, Precinct 2. I would appreciate your vote on March 1st in the Republican primary.

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